[in alphabetical order…]

Ace of Base, Beautiful Life, Arista (w/ DJ Stew)

Ace of Base, Lucky Love, Arista (w/ DJ Stew)

Ace of Base, Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry, Mega/Arista

Anavi, Mustapha, EsNtion, 2007

Ana Victoria, I'm Afraid, Arista (w/ Joe Bermudez), 2003

Angelit, Garkit, Atlantic

Audio Playground, Hands Up, Sony Music Canada, 2013

Bananarama, Every Shade Of Blue, Curb

Boston Bruins, Raise Your Hands '99 (w/ John Debo), Caffiene

Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk, Columbia/Red Ink, 2009

Boys Like Girls, 2 Is Better Than 1 (f. Taylor Swift), Columbia/Red Ink, 2010

Brandy, What About Us, Atlantic 2002

Britney Spears, Toxic, Jive, 2004

Cher, Different Kind Of Love Song, Warner Bros. 2002

Chris Brown, Beautiful People (f. Benny Benassi), Jive, 2011

Crush, Love's Hold, Robbins

DJ Casanova, You Can Have It, AV8

Dimension X, Why Can't I Fall In Love, MODA, 2006

Dreamworld, Movin' Up, RCA

Earthtones, Sally, Passion

East 17, Hold My Body Tight, London/FFRR

Erin Hamilton, Control Yourself, Fresh Music LA, 2008

Faithless, Insomnia (Armand's European Vacation Mix), Arista*

Fans of Jimmy Century, Blonde Ambition, 2008

Fans of Jimmy Century, Hot Sahara, 2008

Fall Out Boy, Discotech, IDJMG, 2007

Fall Out Boy, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, IDJMG, 2007

Fem 2 Fem, Obsession, Critique

Garland Jeffrey's, Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll

Gina G, Gimme Some Love, Warner Brothers/Eternal*

Hannah Jones, What the Child Needs, Ariola/BMG

Hilary Duff, So Yesterday, Hollywood (w/ Joe Bermudez), 2003

India Arie - Therapy, Universal Republic, 2009

Izzy Stardust - Any Love, Fektive, 2009

Jah Boys, Walking on Sunshine, Vestry

Jamie Jo f. Barry Gibb, U Turn Me On, Odin 2008

Jessica Simpson, I Think I'm In Love With You, Columbia. 2000

Jessica Simpson f. Nick Lachey, Where You Are, Columbia, 2000

Jewel, Only One Two, Atlantic, 2006

Jocelyn Enriquez, Do You Miss Me, Timber/Classified

Jody Watley, If I'm Not in Love, Atlantic

Juliet Roberts, Free Love, Warner Brothers

Katalina, Sonic Groove, Thump Records

Kenne, Everybody Happy (Lenny B. Remix and w/ Piper), Grooveblue, 2004

K.D. Lang, The Consequences of Falling, Reprise***

Kelly Clarkson, Catch My Breath, RCA, 2012

Kelly Clarkson, The Trouble With Love Is, J Records (w/ Joe Bermudez), 2004

Kevin Lyttle, Turn Me On, Atlantic, 2004

L2, Boys Or Girls, 2010

L2, Criminal, 2011

L2, Insomnia, 2011

La Bouche, Bolingo, RCA*

La Bouche, Falling In Love, Logic

Laura Bell Bundy, Boyfriend, Mercury Nashville, 2010

Laura Bell Bundy, Everybody, Mercury Nashville, 2010

Laura Bell Bundy, Giddy On Up, Mercury Nashville, 2010

Laura Bell Bundy, I'm No Good, Mercury Nashville, 2010

Laura Pausini, Surrender, Atlantic 2002

Lauren Hildebrandt, My Life (Again), 2008

LeAnn Rimes, I Need You, Curb

LeAnn Rimes, You Are, Curb

LeAnn Rimes, We Can, Curb (w/ Piper), 2004

LFO, (Sex U Up) The Way You Like It, Logic

Linda Eder, I Am What I Am, Atlantic

Linda Eder, Never Dance, Atlantic

Linda Eder, Something to Believe In, Atlantic*

Linda Eder, Vienna, Atlantic

Londonbeat, We Can Build it with Love, Radioactive/MCA

Luis Fonsi, Secret, MCA 2002

M2M, Don't Say You Love Me, Atlantic

Madison Park, Come Out And Play, BasicLUX, 2006

Madison Park, One Day, BasicLUX, 2006

Martina McBride - How Far, RCA, 2009

Martina McBride - I Just Call You Mine, RCA, 2009

Martina McBride - Ride, RCA, 2009

Martina McBride - There You Are, RCA, 2009

Mediaeval Baebes, Love Me Broughte, Nettwerk

MetroStation, Seventeen Forever, Columbia, 2008

MetroStation, Shake It, Columbia, 2008

Michael Fredo, Love All Over, Quest/Warner Bros.

Miranda, Dirty Looks, Sunshine

MonaQ, Daydreamin', Tone1, 2007

MonaQ, It's My Turn, 2006

Monica, All Eyes On Me, J Records 2002

Natasha Beddingfiled, These Words, Epic, 2005

Nicol Smith, Here In My Heart, Curb

Nicol Sponberg, Resurrection, Curb (w/ Piper), 2005

Nina, The Reason is You, Cool Tempo

Nina Simone, The Look Of Love, Sony, 2007

Nina Sky, Turnin' Me On, Next Plateau/Universal, 2005

Nu Flavour, Three Little Words, Reprise

Ohsha Kai, Outta My Head, EsNtion, 2007

Olive, I'm Not In Love, Maverick Records

One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful, Columbia/Syco, 2012

Pharao, I'll Show You Secrets, Columbia (White Label)

PM Dawn, Night In The City, Reprise (radio/album mix)

Proyecto Uno, Pumpin', H.O.L.A.*

Quad City DJs, C'Mon and Ride It (The Train), Atlantic/Big Beat

Rachel Panay, It's Got To Be, EsNtion, 2007

Real McCoy, Automatic Lover, Arista

Real McCoy, Runaway, Arista

Red Red Groovy, Burning Like the Sun, Continuum (w/ Joe Soares)

Rhythmcentric, You Don't Have to Worry, Metropolitan

Rihanna, We Ride, IDJMG, 2006

Robin S, It Must Be Love, Atlantic*

Rockell, Can't We Try, Robbins Rockell, I Fell in Love, Robbins

Rupee, Tempted to Touch, Atlantic, 2005

Ryan Cabrera, True, Atlantic, 2005

Sara Parker, My Love is Deep, Vestry

Sarah Washington, I'll Always Love You

Sasha, If You Believe, Reprise/WB

Selita, Spend The Night (Lenny B. Remix and w/ Piper), 2004

Shalaine Mezzo, Don't Wanna Play Games, 2010

Shontelle, Say Hello to Goodbye, Motown, 2011

Sixpence None the Richer, Kiss Me, Squint Entertainment

Tamia, Still, Atlantic, 2004

Tekla, Somebody Else, Nettwerk (12"/CD-Maxi, and Album mix)

Terri Lawrence, Get Next to Me, Critique

Terri Lawrence. Kiss Me, Navigate†

Terri Lawrence, Take Me There, Navigate§

The Braids, The Wind, Atlantic

The Corrs, The Right Time, Atlantic

The Fray - Never Say Never, Epic, 2009

The Fray - You Found Me, Epic, 2009

The Kromozone Project, Take My Love, Phat Cat

The Now, Searchin' for Love, Stimuli/Caffiene (w/ John Debo)

Toby Lightman, Devils and Angels, Lava/Atlantic, 2004

Tony, Toni, Toné, Let's Get Down, Mercury*

Tonya Dantzler, In and Out of My Life, Critique

Toxic Twinz feat. the Jungle Bros., I'll House You, Aureus

Ultraboogie, Tell Me, Ore/XL

White Town, Your Woman, Chrysalis/EMI*

Wynonna, I Want To Know What Love Is, Curb (w/ Piper), 2004

Yakki Da, I Saw You Dancing, Mega/London

Zhané, Request Line, Motown*

    * as the Fitch Brothers (w/ Marc "DJ STEW" Pirrone)

    † producer

    § co-produced with Larry Clawson (also remixed the dance mix)

    *** available on the movie soundtrack Sweet November    

    Guitar performed by Lyle Gudmunsen    

    Bass performed by Todde Lawton

Original Tracks – Artist/Producer:


Sylvane f. Sweet Melissa - Light Me Up, Cloudland Music, 2014     

     Artist, producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Lucas Prata f. Lenny Bertoldo - First Night Of My Life, 2011

     Co-writer, producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Lucas Prata – Hold On, 2011

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer


Lenny B. f. Roxxett - Hysteria, Navigate/Volume 11, 2011

     Artist, co-writer, producer, mixer

W&W f. Bree - Nowhere to Go, Armada/S107 Recordings, 2011     

     Co-writer/vocal production

Lenny B - Radical (single, Volume 11), 2008

     Artist, co-writer, producer, mixer

Lenny B. f. Kristy Kay - I Touch Myself (single, Radikal), 2005          

     Artist, producer, programmer, and mixer

Madison Park vs. Lenny B. - More Than This (Roxy Re-modeled album & single, BasicLUX), 2005          

     Producer, programmer, mixer, remixer

Madison Park, Ocean Drive (single, BasicLUX), 2004     

     Co-wrote w/ DeAnna Cool; producer, programmer, mixer, remixer

Madison Park - Boutique (Album, BasicLUX), 2004          

     Mixed, co-produced and/or remixed the following tracks from the album:

     Nu Sensation, Ocean Drive (co-wrote and produced), Boutique, My Personal Moon (Lenny B. Remix), Free,     

     You Take Me Places, Opus One, My Personal Moon (NST Mix)

BluSol - To The House (album), 2004          

     Artist, writer, producer, composer/programmer, mixer

        Licensed tracks from the album:         
        Fly Away (f. Bobby Williams) (New Sound Theory Vol. 1, BasicLUX)         
        La Musique (New Sound Theory Vol. 1, BasicLUX)         
        La Guitarra (original version) (New Sound Theory Vol. 2)         
        Trippin' Over Myself (New Sound Theory Vol. 3)

Bertoldo - Amor, (single, Regress Records), 2003     

     Artist, writer, producer, composer/programmer, mixer, remixer

        Licensed to Steve Lawler's Light's Out 2 CD Compilation (Boxed UK)

Sylvane - Voices/Get 2 U (Dream Music), 2000

     Artist, writer, producer, composer/programmer, mixer

         Licensed on the following compilations:

         Ministry Of Sound's 'Trance Nation America, Mixed by Taylor & Jimmy Van M' (Ultra Records)         
         'Magnitude 2000' - Late Night (Tremor Records)        
         'Kamaidachi', Mixed by Markus Schultz (Plastik Records)


Becca Hess - Mountain Child, 2016

Co-producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Becca Hess - In This Town, 2016

Co-producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Tegan Marie – Lucky Me, 2016

Co-writer, producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Heidi Merrill – Love On Fire, 2019

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Landon Wall – When The Whiskey Runs Out, 2019

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Landon Wall – Lost Boy, 2016 & 2019

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Landon Wall – Small Town Boy, 2016

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Melissa Montgomery – All We Need Is A Hit, 2018

Producer, composer/programmer

Melissa Montgomery – Believe In Yourself, 2019

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Melissa Montgomery – Don’t Give Up On Yourself, 2018

Producer, composer/programmer

Melissa Montgomery – Good for Me, 2018

Producer, composer/programmer

Melissa Montgomery – Keepin’ Me Up, 2018

Producer, composer/programmer

Melissa Montgomery – One More Drink, 2019

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer

Melissa Montgomery – Timing Is Everything, 2018

Producer, composer/programmer, mixer